Mar 16, 2024

Who is the Ultimate Bitcoin Champion?

Who holds the title of ultimate Bitcoin champion? A deep dive.

Who is the Ultimate Bitcoin Champion?

Bitcoin Champion: Meet the Top BTC Maximalists

Bitcoin has faced its fair share of critics, ranging from central bank regulators to politicians. However, amidst the skepticism, there exists a dedicated cohort of believers who have staunchly supported the premier digital asset. The burning question remains: who stands out as Bitcoin's ultimate champion?

Bitcoin champions include figures like Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Saylor, and Jack Dorsey. Their support ranges from personal investment to company-wide adoption. Even Elon Musk and the late John McAfee have made significant contributions despite controversy.

To determine the most prominent Bitcoin champion, it's essential to delve into their backgrounds and contributions toward the Bitcoin protocol over the years.

In this article, we'll focus on Bitcoin maximalists – those who champion BTC exclusively. They see altcoins and Web 3.0 as potential distractions due to different incentive structures.

Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin Maximalist and Tech Innovator

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Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of X (formerly Twitter), is a vocal Bitcoin champion within the tech industry. During his tenure as CEO of the social media platform, which spanned over 13 years, Dorsey consistently expressed support for Bitcoin through both his actions and statements. He even renamed his company’s corporate name from Square Inc to Block Inc and  launched his own self custody Bitcoin wallet, describing Bitcoin as an “open standard for global money transmission”. Dorsey's defense of Bitcoin against critics demonstrates his intellectual commitment to the cause.

Michael Saylor: Bitcoin Maximalist and Corporate Strategist

Michael Saylor, a dynamic tech CEO, has enthusiastically adopted a Bitcoin-focused strategy towards building a significant Bitcoin portfolio. Although not always a staunch Bitcoin maximalist, Saylor's company, Microstrategy, began making MicroStrategy one of the largest corporate Bitcoin holders in late 2020, spearheading a wave of institutional Bitcoin adoption. His current stack stands at an impressive 193,000 BTC. 

Saylor's unwavering strategy of continuous Bitcoin accumulation, regardless of short-term price fluctuations, underscores his belief in Bitcoin's potential to surpass gold as a store of value. Saylor even sees Bitcoin as a potential hedge against inflation. His audacious commitment to Bitcoin, despite market uncertainties, reflects his status as a leading Bitcoin champion.

John McAfee: Controversial Bitcoin Champion

The late John McAfee, renowned for his antivirus software, was an early Bitcoin champion who invested heavily in the digital currency. McAfee saw Bitcoin as a tool for financial freedom and decentralization. McAfee's advocacy for Bitcoin dates back to 2011 when he first encountered its whitepaper. He was intrigued by the mathematical principles underpinning Bitcoin and actively promoted its adoption. Despite his controversial actions, McAfee's advocacy helped bring mainstream attention to Bitcoin..

Robert Kiyosaki - Bitcoin Promoter & Entrepreneur

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Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," is another outspoken Bitcoin champion. Kiyosaki has encouraged his followers to educate themselves about Bitcoin and consider it as part of a diversified investment portfolio. As a respected businessman, Kiyosaki has repeatedly touted Bitcoin as the future of money, attracting intellectuals individuals to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Although he advocates for diversification, Kiyosaki's acknowledgment of Bitcoin's disruptive potential underscores his role as an intellectual champion of the digital currency.

The Ultimate Bitcoin Champion

Among these individuals, Michael Saylor emerges as the preeminent Bitcoin champion. Saylor's substantial investment in Bitcoin, coupled with his unwavering dedication despite external pressures, exemplifies the essence of a true Bitcoin HODLer and maximalist. His resolute commitment to Bitcoin, demonstrated through tangible actions, commands respect, even from those who may disagree with his perspective.

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